Pet Waste & Poop Removal

The Poo Pros provides pet waste & poop removal services to all of Northeast Ohio.  Interested in hiring the largest and most cost effective pet waste management company in the area?  Give us a call today at 216-208-POOP or obtain a free quote online by clicking here.

Our pet waste & poop removal service includes all inclusive removal services to single-family homes, multi-family residential communities, senior living facilities, animal shelters, veterinary offices and other pet-friendly businesses in Northeast Ohio.

Most importantly, poop removal helps to keep our environment, homes, gardens and drinking water clean.  Dog poop is the 3rd largest contaminant of water (read more here:  The Third Largest Contaminator of Water & Guess What’s Causing It).  If dog poop sits in a yard for too long the bacteria will seep into the soil and eventually find it’s way into the under water tables where more than 23 million harmful bacteria begin wreaking havoc.

In addition, we provide a useful online tool via our service area locator.  If you’re unsure as to whether or not we provide service in your area for pet waste & poop removal, feel free to use the locator below.  Simply enter your city or zip code and you’ll know immediately if our pet waste services are available.

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Lastly, our company motto is “We Clean & You Relax!”.  We stand by this statement and firmly believe that our service not only provides numerous health benefits to the environment and each other, but that it also helps to free up much needed time for you to do more important things in life.  Our pet waste & poop removal service is the largest company in Northeast Ohio and for a good reason.  Find out for yourself by giving us a call today at 216-208-POOP!

What’s Included?

  • Pet Waste Cleanup & Haul Away
  • Pressurized Aqua Spray to Remove Residual Waste
  • Pet Waste Monitoring
  • Vet Samples Upon Request
  • Detailed Service Report Card after each visit
  • Dog Treats! Yummy!


Why Choose Us?

  • We  Animals
  • World Class Customer Service
  • All-Inclusive Pricing
  • No contracts! Start & Stop Service At Anytime
  • No Hidden Service Fees
  • Friendly & Fully Trained Pet Waste Techs
  • Professionally Managed
  • Fully Insured

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