21May 2018

Warning Signs: The Good & The Bad of Dog Poop (Cleveland, Ohio)

dog poop/stool chat, what to look forThere are many warning signs, both good and bad indicators in your dogs poop – in this article we’ll break down the biggest things to look for.  As of this writing there are roughly 90 million dogs in the United States, with almost 1 out every 4 Americans having a dog as a pet.  For most, a dog is a part of the family and every precaution is taken when they are sick.  However, there are health indicators and early warning signs that can be found by simply analyzing the poop or stool of your dog.  Sometimes it’s easy to spot a serious issue.  One of our primary functions at The Poo Pros as a pet waste management company is that we provide stool samples (upon request) for you to provide to your dogs vet for examination.  If we ever come across a stool that doesn’t look healthy or one that has potential health issues, we will notify you immediately.

The biggest factors that we look for when can be found below:

  • If your dogs stool has any signs of blood or blood clots we consider that a sign of a serious health problem and one that should require immediate attention.
  • Watery or liquid like poop can be a sign of stress or viral infection.
  • Black tarry poop indicates the possible presence of blood in your dogs digestive track.
  • Poop that is partially soft and firm at the same time signifies small bowel diarrhea.

Possible Parasites:  If your dogs stool is soft or watery and has any visible worms, eggs or mucus, that’s generally a clear indicator of parasites.  Also, if it’s a soft poop with no visible blood or mucus it could mean that you recently changed their food brand or that there is an intestinal parasite or some sort of IBS occurring.


Bad Dieting:  Any stool that is white has too much calcium or if it’s a greasy looking poop it can be a sign of too much fat.

Your dog should have a stool that is moist and firm, and only has a mild odor.   We’re more than just a Pet Waste Management company and will always pay attention to the type of stool It’s important to check your dogs poop so you’ll know he’s always happy and healthy!

Interested in having The Poo Pros become your Pet Waste Management company and to help monitor your dogs health?  Submit a free quote online here, give us a call at 216-208-POOP or send us an email.

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