6Apr 2019

Vacationing 101: To Take The Dog or Not To Take The Dog?

Vacationing 101: To Take The Dog or Not To Take The Dog?

Planning a vacation can prove to be difficult at times. Financials aside, sometimes the hardest decision can be whether or not we bring our extended family members along with us. Those being none other than our dogs (or cats). Sometimes our four legged friend needs to go on a trip too and we’re not just talking about dropping him off to a local veterinarian while you’re away. Sometimes they would like to be included to. This article breaks down the positives and negatives related to bringing your dog with you whilst on vacation.

Taking your dog with you can be fun, but depending on where you are headed could result in potential problems. Not all hotels and or residences are willing to accommodate animals. This is something that needs to be thoroughly checked before hand. In addition, some dogs will become out of place, anxious, depressed, high-strung, which can result in extensive barking or even manic behavior. If this happens you can rest assured that your vacation is going to be one that’s filled with more stress than pleasure.

There are things that can be done however to ensure that your vacation goes as you had planned. Ensuring that where you are traveling is willing to accommodate your pet upon your arrival as a prime example. If your dog loves to be outdoors, but you are planning on staying inside or traveling to a region that will prevent your dog from doing what he does best, then be prepared for the ultimate worst case scenario.

However, if you plan accordingly and know in advance that your dog needs to be attached to a runner or have an enclosed area to run freely in for a set amount of hours per day and you include that portion within your vacation, then you shouldn’t have much of a problem. Some tourist destinations allow dogs in their hotels, campsites and parking areas, but many do not allow you to bring your dog inside to the actual attractions.

It is always wise to call ahead and do as much research as possible to see where and when your dog is permitted on the variety of grounds that you will be frequenting.

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