15Jul 2018

“Titanic” Amounts of Dog Poop Discovered in Elyria, Ohio

dog poop elyria

The amount of dog poop in Elyria, Ohio is literally “Titanic”.  Elyria has the largest animal shelter in Lorain County and for good reason.  The APL (Animal Protective League) off of Murray Ridge Rd., in shelters hundreds of dogs and cats on any given day.  The city of Elyria has 53,715 residents and in the United States the 44% of the population owns at least one dog and 35% has at least one cat.  This means that the city of Elyria has approximately 23,634 dogs and 18,800 cats.  This is predicated on only a single dog and single cat in the average households.  Therefore this number is thought to greatly increase as many homeowners have multiple pets.  All in all, it is estimated that the city of Elyria has approximately 60,000+ dogs and cats as pets.

Obviously, this translates into a lot of dog poop.  How much dog poop and pet waste to be exact?  In the course of a year the city averages about 24,024,000 piles of dog poop.  That’s based on an average of 33,000 dogs going #2 at least twice per day.  Some dogs might go less, some might go more, but this is about the national average.

dog poop

57,657,600 pounds of dog poop in Elyria each year

Dogs on average poop 1 ounce per pound.  That means if your dog weighs 40 pounds his pile of poop could weight more than a pound.  We estimate that out of 33,000 dogs the average weight of a dog would be 38 pounds.  That’s 38 ounces per poop which translates into 2 pounds and 4 ounces per poop.  This means that there are 57,657,600 pounds of dog poop in Elyria each year.  To put it in perspective, that’s the equivalent of half the weight of the Titanic (53,130 tons).  So where does all that poop go?  That’s where we come in…

Do you reside in the city of Elyria?  Do you have dog poop and or pet waste that requires you to use your old-fashioned pooper scooper?  Not to worry, The Poo Pros offers pet waste removal services starting from as low as $12.69 per week.   Our service focuses on all the poop and pet waste, from dogs to cats.  You can finally retire your pooper scooper and leave the pet waste removal and haul-away to us.  We  remove pet waste, ie; poop, from homes, apartments, businesses and city properties across Northeast Ohio.    Give us a call today for more information at 216-208-POOP or submit a free quote online here.

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