12May 2018

Business Analyst: The Poo Pros Could Go Nationwide (Mentor, Ohio)

Charles Reicholf, NIG Cleveland Executive Business Analyst:  One of the most startling startups that we’ve come across in the past year is a company named The Poo Pros. The Poo Pros were founded in August of 2017 and is a registered company out of Mentor, Ohio, has rapidly expanded itself within a specific niche and taken what is known as the Pet Waste Management industry to a whole new level.

The most fascinating thing about The Poo Pros, is to outsiders looking in, you would never have guessed they’ve been in business for less than a year.  The company services hundreds of clients in the Cleveland area and gives the impression as though they’ve been around for decades.  The Poo Pros has already become a staple of their community, providing shelter for abandoned and abused animals, supporting community endeavors and going above the norm for each of their customers.  Each service vehicle has a custom wrap that turns the heads of every motorist.  Big bold letters that scream “Got Poop?” don’t just draw the attention of the general public but also break the ice with the company almost immediately.  Maintaining consistency is a priority, according to Tony Rini, President of The Poo Pros.  The company also has a comfortable office (also located in Mentor) and has implemented and is working on incorporating amazing features that other companies in different fields are sure to ape.  Some of the features that can be found with the company currently, or are scheduled to be released shortly are the following; GPS tracking, Report cards at the end of each service call, Treats for pets and animal services for the abandoned and abused.

the poo pros

As of this writing, Mentor is most famous for being the home of one-time U.S. President James A. Garfield and the infamous football coach Jim Tressel (Ohio State Buckeyes).  That, however, could soon change, as the company with the motto of “Got Poop” could literally take over the Pet Waste Management industry in the United States by storm.  The pooper scoopers at The Poo Pros have already exceeded any and all expectations in a very short time.  It should be noted that the company has already claimed the throne for the most traffic for a Pet Waste Management company in the State of Ohio and has dethroned some of the largest in the country via traffic statistics.   Don’t be shocked if in a few short years, you see this company on a national level, operating within every single state in the country.