18May 2018

The Third Largest Contaminator of Water & Guess What’s Causing It…

Dog poop pollution waterOne thing that is resoundingly true is that we all love our dogs.  They become a part of our family.  We give them treats and sometimes even our own home cooked meals, we take them on vacations, they are included in family photos, heck we even dress them up in goofy outfits during the holidays.  We also share things with them, our homes, our laughs, our memories and the thing that we all rely on, our water supply.  As hard as it may be to believe, the third largest contaminator of water in the Untied States is attributed to dog poop.

How can this be?   For starters, 40% of Americans don’t pick up after their dogs.  The waste will sit in backyards or lawns for weeks or even months at a time.  All the while decomposing, changing and morphing into harmful bacterias that seep into sewage drains.  Our natural ecosystem can handle approximately 2 dogs per square mile.  Putting this into perspective, in an urban area for example, there are more than 125 dogs per square mile.  In a nutshell, our ecosystem isn’t structured to handle the filtration of the 90 million dogs in the country nor is our wastewater treatment systems – which by the way are not designed to filter dog waste and or the bacteria that they carry in any facet.

What happens next is that the stagnant dog poop carries dangerous pathogens and effectively pollutes our freshwater supply.  Dog poop has a higher phosphorous concentration than can found in other animals and as a result of those high phosphorus levels, the waste damages our fresh water supply, our vegetable gardens, our plants and can cause serious health implications down the road such as IBS or even cancer.  The EPA has even declared that dog poop is as toxic to the environment as chemical and oil spills.

The average dog can produce almost 1 pound of poop every day. 1,000 dogs can produce on average of 750 pounds of poop per week.   That’s a LOT of poop.   The Poo Pros picks up several tons of dog poop every month.  We secure all of the waste in a sealed bag and dispose of it properly, ensuring that your dogs poop doesn’t have a negative affect on your drinking supply, garden, plants or loved ones.

If you are interested in helping out your community by reducing the pollution in your water submit a quote today or give us a call at 216-208-POOP.  Our rates are extremely affordable and the results can be life changing.

Hazardous Organisms

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