26Jun 2018

The Do’s & Don’ts of Dogs & Cats (Positives & Negatives)

dogs and cats

The Do’s & Don’ts of Dogs and Cats is dedicated to shedding light on some of the positive things that should be done with your pets as well as some of the negative things that should be avoided.  This article is strictly for educational purposes.  The Poo Pros is a pet waste management company located in Cleveland, Ohio, and we strive to provide both quality of service and information to our customers and readers.  We are pet lovers first and foremost!

CATS (Positives)

1.) Keep your cats teeth clean.

2.) Keep your cat active with toys.

3.) Brush your cat.

4.) Make sure your cat has a nice bed.

5.) Ensure your cat gets regular checkups.

6.) Make sure your cats litter box is regularly cleaned (call 216-208-POOP today or go use our free online quote feature to see how much our pet waste management service will cost you)!

7.) Make sure your cat has a steady supply of fresh water.

8.) Play music that is for cats (it exists, google it)!

9.) Give your kitty cat nip at least once per week.

10.) Make sure you show attention to your cat at least an half hour per day.

CATS (Negatives)

1.) Second hand smoke as it poses a huge risk for cancer in felines.

2.) Allow them freedom to roam (this means being able to see outside even if you don’t want them to go outside).

3.) Never forget a clean water dish!

4.)  Overflowing and forgotten litter.  Be sure to change it (or call 216-208-POOP today for more information).

5.)  Excessive noise.  This causes anxiety and can actually throw your cat into a depression (they are very sensitive and have high senses towards emotions).

DOGS (Positives)

1.) Attention & play time. Run around, roll on the ground, throw the ball.

2.) Walk your dog at least a half a mile per day.

3.) Brush your dog once a week, the more you do the shinier his coat will become.

4.) Get him fixed. It’ll help avoid some cancers and help calm the nerves.

5.)  Toys, bones, tug of war rope.  Essential for happy health & clean teeth!

6.)  Treats. Scooby snacks never fail and always produce a smile!

7.) Teach him tricks, from sitting, paw, to rollover, very good for his/her mental health and positive attitude.

8.)  New sights and smells.  Getting your dog out of the yard helps keep his emotions in check.

9.)  Spend at least a half hour of dedicated time with your dog.

10.)  Dogs are mans best friend for a reason, they want to be included in conversation as well as events.  Don’t make them feel left out!

DOGS (Negatives)

1.) Never leave your dog in the car – even if it’s not a hot day! Dog thefts are prevalent, as are high temperatures that can cause horrific health conditions (even death).

2.) Never leave your dog outside too long or on a chain.

3.)  Never forget to scoop the poop!  Lots of bad bacteria, 20,000,000+ to be precise.  Read more on that subject here.  Or, call 216-208-POOP for more information on our pet waste management services.

4.)  Never let your dog stick his/her head out the window in a fast moving car.  Debris can enter their eyes and ears, extensive wind can actually cause hearing damage.

5.)  Never isolate or barricade your dog for extensive periods of times.  This is a sure fire way to cause aggression.