15Feb 2019

The Biggest Thing Landscapers & Landscaping Services Refuse To Do!

Landscapers Refuse To Pick Up The Poop!

If you’re one of the many homeowners that have a landscaping company on retainer that mows your lawn, edges your gardens, trims your bushes and shovels your driveways, then you know all too well of the primary service you wish they offered that they simply don’t…  Picking up your dogs poop!  Yes, it’s true – 99.9% of landscaping companies don’t pick up the poop, but they will charge you extra for your service for having your lawn scattered with poo while their mowing (or doing any work whatsoever).  In many cases – you never even know that your bill or quote has been inflated.  This additional cost doesn’t cover pet waste and poop removal…

If you have a beautiful yard that is well maintained by a landscaping company, but they fail to pick up your dog poop for you, there’s no need to worry!  The Poo Pros provides express service to the majority of Northeast Ohio’s major cities and suburbs (see our service area).   Not only will our service help offset some of your landscaping costs, but it’ll also give you a little extra free time in life.

The Poo Pros includes free pet treats, report cards, lawn deodorizing, kitty litter service & much more!  To see all the service that we provide simply click here.

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