21Sep 2018

Sheffield & Sheffield Lake Geese Poop, Dog Poop, Poop Removal (Lorain County)

Sheffield & Sheffield Lake Geese Poop, Dog Poop, Poop Removal

Sheffield & Sheffield lake animal lovers rejoice, The Poo Pros is here!  Whether you’re a pet owner or a local Lorain County resident with a geese/goose poop problem, we are here for you!  Our company provides pet waste & poop removal services.  Our services are efficient and very affordable.  You can schedule an appointment weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or structure your service call to be as frequent or infrequent as necessary.  If you’re having a party this coming week, we can be hired for a one-time cleanup.  If you host multiple events, we can be there before and after every event.

In most cases, our clients don’t even realize that our service exists.  When they stumble across our company, they generally find it amusing and unrealistic.  However, once the time spent and the facts are presented that the average person can spend upwards of months of their life in some cases (yes months) cleaning up after their pets, scooping, cleaning, replacing litter, liners, getting bags, etc., then our service becomes a much-sought commodity.  The reality is that keeping up with work, kids, family and social lives can make the day seem like a blur, a monotonous blur that leaves you with little to no time to relax or to spend more time with those who matter most.  Our service gives you back some of that much needed time.  By allowing us to clean & deodorize your lawn, clean your kitty litter boxes and provide our time-saving service – you will accrue newfound time and energy to do other things in life.

Sheffield & Sheffield Lake residents are some of Lorain County’s largest pet owners.  Those who live nearest the lake can be seen almost daily walking mans best friend up and down Lake Road.  While others might frequent the local parks or ponds and take their extended family members out for walks in the park, games of frisebee, etc.   More of this time can be allocated to you by utilizing our services.

Time Saving Services Provided:

  • Pet Waste Removal & Haul Away
  • Kitty Litter Service (lining change and removal)
  • Geese/Goose Poop Removal
  • Lawn Deodorizing (Environmentally safe formula).
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