14Aug 2018

Real Dangers Behind Goose Poop:  The Diseases & Bacteria That Spread to Humans.

goose poop dangers

The Real Dangers Behind Goose Poop

For most, a trip to the Cleveland Metroparks with their family or significant others is a joyful, fun filled sunny afternoon.   Most have a cookouts, throw the ball around, bring their dogs and just have a good time with family.  One thing that almost always never goes unnoticed is the goose poop that is scattered all across most of the park grounds.  For generations, it’s been a step & avoid or “watch where you’re walking Johnny” situation.   However, the real dangers behind goose poop are more severe than most realize.

Geese can carry bacteria, parasites, fungus and viruses that are spread to humans in their poop. Geese can also contract avian influenza and the CDC confirmed in 2004 that they carried H5N1 virus and transmitted it to both children and adults. Bacteria wise, their feces can spread salmonella, listeria, e-coli, chlamydiosis and pasteurella multocida.   During the summer months in Ohio, e-coli is of higher prevalence due to the temperature being hotter.  Geese poop usually contains the parasites cryptosporidium, giardia, coliform, and campylobacter. Crytosporidium poses the most serious health hazard, since it causes cryptosporidiosis, an illness with the following symptoms: watery diarrhea. dehydration.

Warning:  Children playing in the local parks, backyards or even adults can contract the diseases listed above through an open wound or if they have active pnuemonia.

A great article written by Forbes sheds light on Geese and other avian birds and the seriousness behind their poop habits:  CDC Warns:  Don’t Get Too Close To Your Chicken, Ducks & Geese.  In this article they go on to state how in 2016, 895 people contracted salmonella from interacting with birds.  These were the documented cases, however the majority of individuals who contract salmonella don’t even realize it and suffer through a few days worth of bad diarrhea.

In truth if you’re kids or yourself are suffering from random bouts of stomach issues, it could very well be caused from your very own backyard or the local park that the flocks of geese and ducks have been  pooping all over.

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