11Feb 2019

Pet Treats, Litter Boxes & Lawn Deodorizing*

Free Pet Treats, Litter Boxes & Lawn Deodorizing*

Have you ever thought about how much money is spent on litter boxes, pet treats or even those environmentally safe lawn deodorants?  If purchased on a consistent basis throughout a year, these three items can cost upwards of $1,000 or more, so why not get them for free?  Yes free, really!

The Poo Pros provides all three of these line items within our service.  Meaning, if you become one of our clients for pet waste removal, ALL of your pets will receive free pet treats, 100% free (not billed into overall cost).  For clients who choose kitty litter service you will receive a litter box at your doorstep (once a week) with the kitty litter already inside of it & for some individuals who choose our yard service – your lawn will be sprayed and left smelling fresh after each home visit.

Our company was built by animal lovers first and foremost and we sincerely enjoy leaving behind treats for all animals as we leave for our next service call.  There’s also nothing more refreshing than having a clean yard that also smells clean and we firmly believe that goes hand in hand with what our business is about.  Not just looking great, but smelling great too!  Obviously kitty litter boxes can become a mess and so if you have any cats and enroll with us for our kitty litter service, you won’t have to fret about with those liners ever again!

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If this isn’t enticing enough – we also provide free stool samples (upon request) that can be used for diagnosis by your local veterinarian.  We also inform our clients if we happen to see anything that could pose as a health risk in their pets stools.  We are not veterinarians, but sometimes there are tell-tale signs that we could perhaps help you identity while doing our job.  Most importantly, we provide a timely service, one that upon completion has us leaving your residence looking & smelling great, tails wagging, cats purring, treats left behind and a report card (for each visit) that informs you of the duties we performed while on the job.

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*Pet treats are 100% free as is the kitty litter.  Kitty litter boxes & lawn deodorizing are billed into the service.