4May 2018

Move Over LeBron, There’s A New King In Akron

The Poo Pros

Akron, Ohio – A city of approximately 197,000 residents and the home of none other than The King, LeBron James – have added one more thing to their list of bragging rights.  The city, which has an estimated 20,000 beloved dogs and cats to it’s local residents now has The Poo Pros to help clean up all the mess.  While LeBron is busy slam-dunking on the competition, The Poo Pros are busy on poop-defense, alley-ooping pet waste out of your back yard while you sit back, relaxing in your armchair.

The Poo Pros started in Mentor, Ohio in the middle of 2017 and has recently branched out their services to the city of Akron and to the entirety of Summit County.  The service for Akron is extremely cost-effective and allows families the opportunity to host outdoor events, without the fear of guests stepping in dog poop.

Pooper scoops and all, The Poo Pros come totally geared up and ready to clean your residence.  They also clean your litter boxes and leave your beloved pets a treat after it’s all said and done.  Prior to leaving your property, a Poo Pros Pet Waste Specialist will leave you a handy report card which wil document the entire cleaning process and any findings.

Rest assured, when using our service, you’ll see that not only is it cost effective – but you will truly save an astronomical amount of time.  Thousands of fans on Facebook all echo the same thing – The Poo Pros Pet Waste service is truly remarkable and allows them to focus their time on life’s more important matters.

If you live in Akron, Ohio and are interested in using The Poo Pros service, you can get a free quote online by clicking here or you can get in touch with someone during regular business hours using our contact form.

In the meantime, LeBron fades left, jumps, shoots and…..  to be continued.