27Feb 2019

Meet & Greet: The Poo Pros Headquarters & Corporate Fleet

The Poo Pros was founded in Mentor Ohio and has been in business going on two years this coming August.  In the short time span that our business has been up and running, we have managed to create the fastest growing pet waste management company in the entire state.  Some of the defining reasons as to why we have achieved so much success simply boil down to the individuals behind the company, those who are in the field & all the way up the corporate ladder to its the owner.  Each individual, regardless of their position truly loves animals & we take pride in providing you with a quality service, one that goes above and beyond industry norms.

We give back to the community whenever we get the opportunity to do so.  Whether it be in the form of food drives (such as our 25 family Thanksgiving Meal deliveries) or advising our clients on some potential health issues that we may have noticed from collecting pet waste while on a service call.  Of course, we also leave behind treats for each pet, provide our customers with handy report cards (that document what jobs were performed during the service call) and always arrive on time!

The Poo Pros isn’t just the leader in integrity, values & morals, but we also have industry leading pay with an innovative, fun & professionally inclined atmosphere that encompasses all that we do.  Our company currently is comprised of 8 hard working employee’s, 6 vehicles in our fleet and headquartered in Mentor where our corporate office spans more than 5,500 sq. ft.

Meet & Greet

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