17Sep 2018

Medina & Brunswick Dog & Geese Poop Removal (Medina County)

Medina & Brunswick Dog & Geese Poop Removal

Do you have a dog in Medina or Brunswick?  Or do you reside near a pond or reservoir that is a frequent flocking point for geese?  Are you tired of having to watch your step or scoop the poop every single day?  Well, with The Poo Pros those days are over!  Whether it’s a poop problem caused by your labrador who just can’t lay off the table scraps, or if it’s truly from a never ending procession of geese who just love to trek across your property, we are here to help!

Whether you realize it or not, the simple process of scooping poop can take up months of your life.  If you are a pet owner and own one dog and one cat you will spend more than 2 months scooping poop in your entire lifetime!  Don’t believe us?  We did the math…

Based on being a pet owner with 2 pets (dogs or cats).

Minutes Per Year:  3,120 minutes

Days Per Year:  2.1 days

Days Per Decade:  23+ days

The average pet owner who has a dog and a cat will spend on average about 60 minutes (or more) per week scooping dog poop and cleaning kitty litter boxes.  This adds up to 3,120 minutes or roughly 2.1 days in a single year.  Over the course of a decade this adds up to being more than 23 days spent cleaning dog poop.  This is extremely valuable time that could be utilized spent with family, working on business endeavors and participating in hobbies.   For pet owners that have more than just a single dog or cat, the time to keep everything clean greatly increases and can consume as much as 3-4 months of your life in a 20 year time span just doing routine pet waste removal and scooping poop.

Our Services:

The Poo Pros provides a wide variety of services

  • Residential Services: All-inclusive poop-scooping and pet waste haul-away.
  • Lawn Deodorizing: We use an environmentally safe deodorizing formula which will leave your yard smelling fresh and clean for all those cookouts & family reunions.
  • Kitty Litter Service: Fresh, cleaned kitty litter boxes with cleaned liners, fresh litter and treats for your cats once we’re done! Commercial Services: Apartments, Condominiums, Communities, Dog Parks, Doggy Day Care Facilities, Office Parks, Recreational Parks, Senior Living Facilities, Veterinary Clinics and more!
  • Goose & Geese Services: Got a pond? Lots of air traffic control at your headquarters or a local metropark? Are you a resident with goose and geese poop? We’re on standby to help!

For a full list of all services offered and for more information such as our service area please refer to Our Services.

Are you ready to get started but maybe want to know a little bit more about us?  Check out our About Us page for more information on our company.

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