22Aug 2018

Massillon Dog Poop Removal & Pet Waste Services (Stark County, Ohio)

Massillon Pet Waste & Poop Removal

Massillon Pet Waste & Poop Removal

Are you a resident of Massillon Ohio?  Do you own a home or a business in Stark County?  Are you tired of visiting your local park and finding it flooded with Geese poop?  Do you need a break from all of that repetitive cleaning up of your backyard or those kitty litter boxes?  It’s a never ending story, we know, it’s what we do.  The service that we provide can help you save much needed time, time that can be spent doing more important things in your life.  We don’t just pick up the poo either, but we also deodorize your lawn (with our environmentally safe formula) so it smells fresh and clean.  We leave treats behind for all of your pets, a detailed report card which documents the entirety of the work performed at our service call (including any potential warning signs found in your dogs stool) and the ability to provide stool samples (upon request) that can be submitted to a local vet for inspection.

Fun Fact:  Massillon Ohio has a population of 32,258 people and there are 13,140 households in the city.  The city also has an estimated 7,600+ dogs in it’s community.  That’s a lot of dogs & a ton of dog poop.  Literally.  A dog can go poo on the average of twice per day.  They typically poop 1 oz. for every pound that they weight.  This means that on the average there’s 2 lb’s of poo being dropped per dog on a day.  That’s 7,600 x 2 = 15,200 lb’s of dog poop in Massillon per day and 5,548,000 total lb’s of poop in a year!  Where’s it all go you might want to know?  This article sheds light into a truly serious topic that most American’s aren’t aware of:  The Third Largest Contaminator of Water & Guess What’s Causing It…

The Poo Pros is much more than just your standard pet waste management company.  We care about those in the community and are highly active in programs throughout various communities.  From adoption centers, to kennels and supporting local charities, The Poo Pros is there.  We take pride in also going the extra mile and that means we never miss a pile!  The next time you’re having a cookout, family gathering, or even just planning on hanging out in your backyard with your family, rest assured that you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that it’s fresh, clean and safe.  Whether you know it or not, pet waste, especially dog and geese poop contain harmful bacteria that can be transmitted to humans.  In most cases these bacteria can and will effect digestive systems more often than not, however those same bacteria can also cause far more harmful conditions – sometimes even life threatening.

Bacteria in Pet Waste:  Warning Signs: The Good & The Bad of Dog Poop (Cleveland, Ohio)

Bacteria in Goose Poop:  Real Dangers Behind Goose Poop:  The Diseases & Bacteria That Spread to Humans.



Get started with our service today and start saving your precious time.  How much time exactly?  Months – perhaps even a full years worth can be saved during the course of your life from having to “scoop poop”.    Read:  How Much Time Will I Spend Scooping Poop In My Life?