27Aug 2018

Lorain & Cuyahoga County Pet Shelters & Adoption Information: Save A Dog Today!

Lorain & Cuyahoga County Pet Shelters & Adoption Information

Both Lorain County & Cuyahoga County have some amazing animal shelters and protective leagues that are in existence to help raise, protect, heal, adopt and house animals until they are ready to find a new home.  The non-profit organizations found within this article provide an outlet to help dogs (as well as other animals and pets) that have been abandoned or abused at some point in time.   Readers can utilize these groups as an opportunity to gain more insight into each respected companies profile and what it is that they do for your community.  In addition, we hope that this resourceful and informational article will help guide you in your search for your next family member.  There are so many dogs and cats that just need to find a home and together we can make the difference!

Below are both “Showcase Centers” and “Full Listings”.  Showcase centers are organizations and groups that have gone the extra mile and truly function in a superior manner when it comes to assisting and aiding animals.  The Poo Pros has also directly worked with “Showcase Centers” in the past..  Full listings aren’t necessary sub-par to those that are “showcased” but we have not directly corresponded with them.


Friendship Animal Protective League (Lorain County)

The Friendship Animal Protective League has been operating since 1957. The are the largest animal shelter in Lorain County and are a private, independent & non-profit organization. They receive zero government funding and depend entirely on donations from friends, neigbors and fundraisers in an effort to serve the people and animals of Lorain County.  They have a “No Kill” policy and will never euthanize adoptable animals.  
Friendship APL employs two full-time humane officers to respond to animal emergencies, allegations of cruelty or other problems. Humane cases range from animals hit by car, people keeping animals without providing proper food and water, people abusing animals or people who cannot afford to keep the animals they possess. They attempt to educate people about their responsibilities as pet owners. If education and persuasion are not effective in changing behavior, they can and will attempt to seize the animals or refer the case to the prosecutor for the filing of criminal charges.
Elyria, OH

Cleveland Animal Protective League (Cuyahoga County)

The Cleveland Animal Protective League has been creating “happily ever afters” at the Cleveland APL since 1913.   Since that time they have helped hundreds of thousands of local animals in and around the Cleveland area.  From the abused & neglected to the forgotten – the Cleveland APL has been there for more than a century helping to keep them safe.

They have animal admissions, humane investigations, an animal welfare clinic, their trap-neuter-return program (for stray cats) and offer a multitude of other programs for individuals who do not have the necessary funds to support their pet. They also offer behavior help and have a slew of volunteers who are truly the heart of their organization. These volunteers are vital team members who help to achieve the impossible and never ending mission to advocate on the behalf of animals and to provide them with the safety and care that they deserve.

Cleveland, OH


Friendship Animal Protective League
Elyria, OH
Oasis Animal Shelter
Oberlin, OH
Lorain County Dog Kennel
Elyria, OH


Cuyahoga Animal Protective League
Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter
Valley View, OH

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