1Oct 2019

Did You Know? Lakewood Ohio has 19,200 dogs!

Lakewood Ohio has 19,200 Dogs!


Lakewood Ohio is a community of dog lovers.  From local shops and restaurants to a plethora of events held and hosted within the city on a monthly basis, it’s a dream for animal owners.  Not only is Lakewood conveniently located only 15 minutes from downtown Cleveland & located within driving distance from all west-side suburbs, but there are more than 50,000 people living within the city of which 38.4% own a at least one dog. What does this mean for Lakewood residents?  Well, lot’s of love, lot’s of fun and tons of poop from all the 19,200+ dogs that are running about within the city.

In case you’re wondering how exactly we deciphered that Lakewood Ohio has 19,200+ dogs, the math is simple.  The percentage of households owning dogs in the United States are 38.4%. The total number of households in the country that own at least one dog is 48,255,413! On average, each household has 1.5 dogs that own a dog. That means there’s 76,811,305 dogs in the United States!

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