9Nov 2018

How To Keep My Yard & Lawn Clean From Dog Poop During The Winter Time?

How To Keep My Yard & Lawn Clean From Dog Poop During The Winter Time?

Winter is right around the corner and Northeast Ohio is expected to get it’s first snow fall this week.  With that being said, by the time Santa, Rudolph and the rest of the gang arrive, there’s going to be plenty of doggy piles adding up this winter if you’re not diligent.  We get it, sometimes it’s just too cold to go outside.  Other times, it might be too dark to even see where he poop has gone.  Sometimes it’s just snowing like crazy and there’s absolutely zero chance of locating the drop off point.  It can certainly be a challenge when it comes to picking up dog poop during the winter months in Ohio.  This article will shed some much needed light on what you can do to attempt to keep your yard as clean as possible.

Best Choice – The Poo Pros:

Why not hire The Poo Pros?  After all, it’s the winter months that truly are the toughest…  With all the buildup over the winter, when the first thaw comes around, there’s a realistic chance that you’ll be spending a solid hour or two picking up a garbage bag worth of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day and every other day in between’s table scraps.   Not only will the poop have started to decompose and disintegrate by that point, but you’ll be running into the issue of trying to sort through dead grass and weeding out the dirt from the poop.  Before you know it, you’re mistaking normal dirt for poop and poop for dirt.  Then your yard starts to smell off kilter, the kids shoes get filthy (and that means the floors, carpets & couches too) and you have a true poo-disaster on your hands.  We will come weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or as frequent or infrequent as you would like.  Our pet waste removal and haul away service is year round and offers a host of features.  If you’re interested in giving yourself a break this winter check out the links below:

Do It Yourself Method:

Alternatively, if you’re not interested in having us freeze our butt’s off for you this year while you sit inside sipping hot cocoa and secretly watch some grown men and women sorting through your snow searching for your dogs poo, then you can try out some of these options instead.

  • Use A Bucket – Using a bucket that has holes can be effective when scooping poop.  This will allow you to cover a larger radius and filter out the snow while keeping the solids.
    • Don’t use a bucket without holes.  It will fill up rapidly and you’ll be busy scooping your yard all day.
  • Stay Consistent – The biggest thing with keeping up with “Sparky” is to make sure you keep a close eye on where he’s going and then attend to it immediately thereafter.  Otherwise you run the risk of searching for a needle in a haystack – one that could very easily be covered over within seconds by a snow drift.
    •   Failure to stay consistent will lead to a poop infested yard come spring.  If you have children or plan on having any get together’s you’ll have your hands full getting the premises ready – we assure you.
  • Keep It Contained – If you’re dog tends to use the front and backyard and you can isolate him/her to either the front or backyard, this is highly recommended.  The less of a range, the easier it is to keep track of the poop which makes for a much easier and faster cleanup process.
    • We’re not saying to restrict your dog to the same area or a small area with this.  If you have a decent sized backyard with a fence or a runner, then choose to utilize that area over the front yard where there tends to be more foliage, shrubbery and other landscape markings as those areas tend to become more scattered and infrequent destinations.
  • Stay Warm – Nothing’s worse than having freezing hands, holding a plastic bucket and forgetting to put socks or shoes on and choosing the sandals option.  Not only will you probably rush through the job, but you’ll probably become defeated relatively quickly.  Be sure to have gloves, warm clothes, socks & shoes ready to do the job.