11Jul 2018

How Much Time Will I Spend Scooping Poop In My Life?

dog poop

Have you ever wondered how much time you will spend scooping poop throughout the course of your life?  Do you have a dog or a cat?  Perhaps you have both a dog and a cat or multiple dogs and cats?  If so, then you know that our beloved pets do one thing, poop, poop, poop.   Dogs poop in the backyard or while out for a stroll and cats poop in their litter boxes like it’s going out of style.  It’s a never ending cycle, one that sees us out early in the morning picking up poop before a family get together and late at night cleaning a litter box before friends come over.  We find ourselves picking up poop in the beating sun and scooping the poop in the freezing cold.  Running to the store to get fresh kitty litter to only scoop more poop and repeat the process all over again.  Before you know it the time adds up…

Time Spent Scooping Poop

Based on being a pet owner with 2 pets (dogs or cats).

Minutes Per Year:  3,120 minutes

Days Per Year:  2.1 days

Days Per Decade:  23+ days

The average pet owner who has a dog and a cat will spend on average about 60 minutes (or more) per week scooping dog poop and cleaning kitty litter boxes.  This adds up to 3,120 minutes or roughly 2.1 days in a single year.  Over the course of a decade this adds up to being more than 23 days spent cleaning dog poop.  This is extremely valuable time that could be utilized spent with family, working on business endeavors and participating in hobbies.   For pet owners that have more than just a single dog or cat, the time to keep everything clean greatly increases and can consume as much as 3-4 months of your life in a 20 year timespan just doing routine pet waste removal and scooping poop.

How Many Piles of Poop?

Based on a dog going #2 on an average of twice per day.

Per Week:  14 poops

Per Year:  728 poops

Per Decade: 7,280 piles of poop

The average dog will go poop twice per day.  That’s 14 poops per week, 728 poops per year and 7,280 piles of poop in a decade.  That’s a ton of work, lots of searching through the yard and most importantly a lot of time spent bending over and scooping the poop.  Cat’s on the other hand go about half as much as dogs but require their litter boxes to be changed and maintained at a far higher rate, at least once or twice per day.

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