31Oct 2018

Happy Halloween from The Poo Pros – Scary Stories, Fun Events & “Treats” For All!

happy halloween

Happy Halloween from The Poo Pros!

The Poo Pros would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween this year!  We would like to thank all of our existing customers and those that will soon be joining us.  We appreciate all of your business and hope that this holiday season brings you, your family and your beloved pets as much joy as possible!

One thing that tends to be most forgotten during the festive holiday seasons, especially in regards to Halloween is the fact that your dogs (or even cats) can be a part of the fun.  Lot’s of people tend to miss the mark when it comes to trick or treating and only reserve this special once a year holiday for their children or simply to passing out candy.  Why not have a little bit of fun this Halloween and get your furry little friend involved?

Whether you’re passing out candy at home or going out for a stroll with the kids this year, take the time to include your beloved pet.  Dressing them up in a costume is a great way for you or the kids to have even more fun!  Take the time to share our 13 short scary and spooky dog stories!  Craving more?  Then be sure to check out our Halloween & Fall related events taking place in and around Cleveland!  Check out the links below:

In addition to the awesome Halloween related articles, why not check out The Poo Pros?  The Poo Pros provides year round & all inclusive pet waste removal and haul away services.  So instead of having to trek around your back or front yard like you’re Michael Myers looking for his sister (Laurie), why not let us take a stab at it?  We know it can be a mundane process, scooping all that poop over and over again.  Maybe it’s time for you to sit back and relax while we do all the work?

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