19Apr 2019

Got Poop? The Scary Truth That’s Lurking Under Your Feet

Got Poop? The Scary Truth That’s Lurking Under Your Feet

If you own a pair of shoes, regardless if you are a pet owner or not, then this article is a must read. It has been reported than more than 90% of shoes have trace elements of feces on their soles. This means that if you have dogs or stray/wild cats that go outside at any given time that you are almost guaranteed to traipse some nasty bacteria into your home on a daily basis.

What happens then is entirely left up to fate, a slight slip of the finger, an accidental shoe string that dragged the ground and you could easily wind up contracting a nasty bacteria that closely resembles the flu. In addition, if you have any young children (especially infants and babies whom are crawling about) the risk becomes astronomical that they will contract some form of bacterial infection – which will in most cases lead to a case of diarrhea or flu like symptoms.

In a test that was conducted in 2017 by Dr. Charles Gerba, a microbiologist and professor at the University of Arizona he determined that more than 420,000 units of bacteria were found on the exteriors of the test shoes (ten people whom were given brand new shoes to wear for two weeks before having them tested for any forms of bacteria). 27% of the bacteria belonged to E. Coli (which is deadly).  Other detected bacteria were Klebsiella pneumonia and Sarratio Ficario. Klesbiella can lead to pneumonia and Serratia ficaria can lead to an infection of ones respiratory tract. The E. Coli statistic is closely related to fecal material that most commonly originates from floors in public restrooms and or contact with animal fecal material that may or may not be outdoors. 90-99% of the bacteria discovered on the shoes were also transmitted to the carpet and floors of the individuals. Any germs that may have been accidentally collected via bare feet, hands or knees could then easily therefore be transmitted to your bed or your child’s bed.

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