28Sep 2018

Got Poop in Painesville? No Worries… We Scoop & You Relax! (Lake County)

Got Poop in Painesville? No Worries… We Scoop & You Relax!

Residents of Painesville Ohio (a city in Lake County) have something new to add to their long fledged history. The Poo Pros, which was founded in Mentor in 2017 is now providing Pet Waste & Poop Removal services to the city and it’s 19,563 inhabitants.

The Poo Pros makes it possible for you to finally sit down and relax (or take care of other more important matters) while they do the scooping!

So being a resident of Painesville doesn’t mean that things have to be a “Pain” anymore.  Let The Poo Pros take the hassle and pain out of your life today.  Never will you have to pick up another pile of doggy doo or kitty poo when using our service.

The number one reason why most of our clients said that they continue to use our service is because they say it “Saves time in their lives to do other things”.   Start saving time today and enjoy these amazing services…

Services Include:

  • Pet Waste Removal & Haul Away
  • Lawn Deodorizing
  • Kitty Litter Service
  • Fresh Liners
  • Dog/Cat Treats
  • Report Cards (detailed report of the service provided).
  • Stool Samples (upon request)
  • Stool Monitoring
  • Geese Poop Removal
  • See All Services

In addition to the services that are provided above, The Poo Pros provides competitive and affordable rates on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.  Finding out the cost of your service is easy and can be achieved by visiting https://thepoopros.com/quote/

For more information on The Poo Pros, feel free to contact us via email or give us a call at 216-208-POOP