11Jul 2018

Got Poop in North Olmsted? No Worries… We Remove Pet Waste!

pet waste

Are you a pet owner from North Olmsted?  If so, then that means one thing for sure, that you’ve “Got Poop”.    Whether it be dogs or cats, the piles are adding up as we speak.  Are your dogs making a muck of things in the backyard while your in the midst of your next cookout?  Are the cats litter boxes becoming redundant?  If so, it’s time to give The Poo Pros a call (216-208-POOP).  We provide pet waste removal and haul-away services to all residents of North Olmsted and Northeast Ohio.

North Olmsted is known primarily for one of the most trafficked shopping centers around, via The Great Northern Mall.  There are 31,817 residents that reside in North Olmsted Ohio and that means there’s approximately (based on 44% of the population owning dogs and 35% owning cats) 13,999 dogs and 11,135 cats in the city.  That’s a lot of dog and cat poop that needs to be maintained.

Our services include are extended to residential, commercial, city and private properties.  Each of our service calls comes with lawn deodorizing with our special environmentally safe formulas, pet waste removal and haul-away, treats for your dogs/cats upon the end of our service call, a report card which documents the entirety of the service rendered and fresh liners/litter for litter boxes.

The next time that you think about heading out to Great Northern Mall, think about The Poo Pros.  We service many commercial properties and residences in your area.  Our service is highly cost effective and saves you much needed time to do your next shopping spree or family get together.

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