7Feb 2019

Got Poop? Get Your Free Pet Waste Management Quote Today!

Got Poop?  Get A Free Quote

Do you have dogs or cats?  If so, then you are like millions of American’s and most definitely got poop!  You’re no different than anyone else, we all know that it’s a never ending amount that continues to compound – especially if not cleaned up in a timely manner.  Instead of getting off of work to only work again by being forced to clean up your lawn or kitty litter box, wouldn’t you prefer to sit back and relax?  That is what our company provides to individuals who choose to use our service.  Not only do we do the hard work for you, but we’ve created a comprehensive and feature packed service that provides far more than your typical poop removal company ever would.  Some of the amazing features that we have to offer that you can look forward to enjoying can be found outlined below:

  1.  Pet Waste Removal & Haul Away:  We provide all-inclusive poop-scooping and waste haul-away service to all types of residences – regardless of size.
  2.  Kitty Litter Service:  Fresh, cleaned kitty litter boxes with cleaned liners, fresh litter and treats for your cats after we finish the job.
  3.  Lawn Deodorizing:  Our team will spray your yard with a lawn, pet and people-safe deodorizing formula to leave your yard smelling fresh and clean for your backyard cookouts, family reunions and outdoor get-together’s!
  4.  Goose Poop Removal:  Whether you’re a corporation with a pond in the front of your headquarters, a local metropark or a resident that is near a body of water – if you have goose or geese poop – we’re on standby to help cleanup your premise!
  5.  Pet Treats:  Pet treats left behind for all pets after each service call.
  6.  Report Card:  A handy document that details all work performed (piles of poo, color of stool, etc.)
  7.  Stool Samples (upon request):  In the event something might be wrong, we are more than happy to provide you with a sample (in a travel safe bag) that can be submitted to your local veterinarian.
  • Providing service to residential & commercial locations across Northeast Ohio (see service areas).

The Poo Pros provides all of our prospective clients with a complimentary free quote.  You can obtain your quote online by using our online tool or by giving us a call at 216-208-POOP.  Our rates are competitive and our service is unrivaled.  If you are interested in getting to know more about our business and the services that we provide, please refer to the references listed below:


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