13Aug 2018

Goose Poop Removal: Got Goose or Geese Poop? No Problem, We’ll Remove It!

Goose Poop Removal

Got Goose or Geese Poop?

No Problem, We’ll Remove It!

Do you live close to a nearby body of water?  Is your business a frequent pit-stop location for flocks of geese?  Does your home or property fall prey to an abundance of goose poop on a consistent basis?  No worries, The Poo Pros is here to help!  We are now expanding our services to include goose and geese poop removal to all of Northeast Ohioans.  That means whether you live by the lake in Mentor, Cleveland, Avon, Westlake, Lorain, Akron, Sandusky, Canton or if you live in the suburbs of North Olmsted, Berea, Strongsville, North Royalton, Brunswick, North Ridgeville & so forth, we will serve you!

We understand that there’s nothing worse than having geese randomly visit your property just before an outing or a special event.  Geese can fly in packs as large as 100, but the average is typically 20-50 and as a result, they tend to leave behind a lot of leftovers.

Most importantly, Goose fecal matter has been linked to the spread of diseases and bacteria to humans (according to the CDC).  Their nests are typically built on land and close to bodies of water, such as ponds and lakes – which we have an abundance of in Ohio.  Traditionally geese are most commonly found on commercial business properties that have small man-made ponds, in our local Metroparks and found most prevalently by homes that border water.   Whether you realize it or not, geese can also eat upwards of 4 pounds of grass per day which translates into a ton of excess waste on your property.

The Poo Pros takes pride in servicing more than 500 local Ohio residents every single week and many local businesses.  If you have a commercial property or home that is being destroyed by flocks of geese excrement, give us a call today at 216-208-POOP or fill out our 20 seconds free quote form located here.

When inquiring be sure to ask us about how we can help you keep the geese away.  There are some methods that we have at our disposal to help you possibly get rid of them for good!  

Health Factors for Humans

Also take the time to read our other article related to the serious health factors regarding goose poop here:  Real Dangers Behind Goose Poop:  The Diseases & Bacteria That Spread to Humans.

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