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12Oct 2019

Get Rid of Dog Poop & Animal Feces in Midpark Ohio

Get Rid of Dog Poop & Animal Feces in Midpark Ohio

Do you have a poop problem?  Are you working long hours or is life really busy?  If so, The Poo Pros can help!  Our service provides an extremely convenient way to help you maximize the amount of time in your daily routine.  It’s time for you Midpark residents to retire your pooper scoopers and allow us to do the work while you relax!  Being that the season is now fall, that means your dogs poop is becoming more difficult to locate with each passing day.  Maybe you have kids that are playing in the yard and running through the house unawares to the dog poop that they’ve traipsed in with them.  We take pride in locating and successfully picking up every single pile of poop during our service calls.  Not only will you be able to rake your leaves and tend to your yard without the hassle of having to watch your every step in the process, but you’ll also have additional time to do other, more important and meaningful things in life!

The Poo Pros has become a household name for many in Northeast Ohio, maybe you’ve heard of us or maybe you haven’t, either way and we take pride in being a company that doesn’t solely search for profits in exchange for services, but provide complimentary and added benefits that are typically unseen to all of our customers.  Some of the benefits of signing up for pet waste & poop removal services from our company include the following:  Treats for your pets after each and every service call, a detailed report card of all work performed while on site, stool samples provided to vets upon request & stool monitoring (in the event a random or rare health hazard shows signs in your animals poop).

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