23May 2018

FUN QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Your Dog?

How Well Do You Know Your Dog?

We all consider ourselves to be fairly informed and educated when it comes to our dogs, but these answers very well may surprise you.    Do you have what it takes to ace the test?  Take this short quiz to find out if you know as much as you think you do!

This Poo Pro Pet Waste Management Quiz was created in an effort to help educate and inform our readers as to a variety of health related conditions and hazards pertaining to their dogs.  All quiz questions and answered were provided by Google answers.  

Did You Know:  All clients of The Poo Pros receive free health information and stool checks on their pets whenever we make our scheduled service calls.  We take pride in helping to reduce the waste and hassle of cleaning up after your pets while also ensuring the safety and longevity of their lives.  For more information call 216-208-POOP or Submit a Quote online for free here.

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