10Apr 2019

Ever Wonder Why Your Dog Loves His Fire Hydrant? Mystery Solved…

Ever Wonder Why Your Dog Loves His Fire Hydrant? Mystery Solved…

Have you ever wondered why your dog loves his fire hydrant so much? We know that it is’t his, but he doesn’t know any better. The truth of the matter is that dogs are extremely territorial and that they will mark their territory on every single prominent object that they find. It just so happens that fire hydrants are often in a direct bath of their walking trajectory (as well as the rest of the neighborhoods) and it becomes a very popular place.   So much so in fact that your dog, along with all of the other dogs are in a constant competition to see who can dominate and claim ownership to “their” fire hydrant.

Dog’s instinctively look for objects that are just like fire hydrants to make their marking and when they urinate they are letting the other dogs know whose boss. Dogs also lift their legs in an attempt to spray as high as they can, which allows for their scent to flow throughout the air further and in a more potent fashion (in case you were wondering what the leg lifting and high arching urine’s are all about).

It should be noted that fire hydrants are necessarily the object of choice. Dogs prefer to urinate on anything that is standing upright, such as a tree, fire hydrant, street sign, mail box or even a small bush. It all boils down to the simple fact that the fire hydrant tends to be on the same side of the sidewalk that the owner has the dog walking and that it’s directly in his sights.

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