18Feb 2019

Poop Dog: Poop Your Way Up To The Sky! (Free Game)

Poop Dog Game

Are you a die hard dog lover?  Looking to burn some time on a different game while your taking a break?  Need something that might give you a laugh and lighten up your day?  Then this free game just might be the most random (and slightly absurd) game that could do the trick.  It is highly addictive once you figure out how to play due to it being far more challenging than you would come to expect – you’ve been forewarned.

The goal of the game is to complete each level by jumping upwards to the sky.  But, beware of the flying bee’s because if you touch them, you’ll have to restart (or begin again at your last checkpoint).  The game is fairly challenging, but we know that you have what it takes to get past the first few levels.  Be sure to pay attention to the controls, because they can be a bit confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll see how easy it is to stack your poo and hop on up to the next floating landscape.

iPhone USERS:  iPhone doesn’t support flash in either Safari or Chrome browsers.  For users wishing to play this game on an iPhone you must install the Puffin Web Browser (click here to open in App Store).  It’s 100% free and will allow you to play the game on your iPhone.

ADOBE FLASH:  The game is below and requires Adobe Flash player.  If you are using Chrome Browser please click on the flash icon and accept the request once it pops up on your page to enable flash.  If you have any issues getting the game to load, try it in a different browser.  

GAME PLAY NOTE:  To play the game, pay attention to the bottom right “loading” bar.  Once it has finished loading, click the button that appears that says “PLAY” (which also located on the bottom right).