15Oct 2019

Dog Poop Removal in Independence Ohio

Dog Poop Removal in Independence Ohio

Independence Ohio has rich history.  It was initially founded in 1803 (the same year that Ohio became a state) as “Center” and then renamed to Independence in 1830.  At that time in 1803 there were a meager 262 residents of the city.  Fast forward to today and the city of Independence has more than 7,000 residents and the city is home to the Cleveland Cavaliers training facility.  Along with the growth of population also comes the increase of pets, ie; poop.  In fact, the city is very pet friendly which see’s many local area residents travel to Independence to experience the pet friendly restaurants, adoption centers, hotels & events.

It’s clear to say that Independence is a dog friendly neighborhood filled with plenty of dog (and cat) owners and as a result of this combination there is also a lot of dog poop & pet waste.   Waste that is required to be picked up or scooped by you.  Our company caters to pet owners, business owners and municipalities that have needs for pet waste and poop removal.

Are you a resident in Independence Ohio?  Do you own a home or a business in Cuyahoga County?  Are you tired of visiting your local park and finding it flooded with Geese poop?  Do you need a break from all of that repetitive cleaning up of your backyard or from kitty litter boxes?  It’s a never ending story, we know, it’s what we do.  The service that we provide can help you save much needed time, time that can be spent doing more important things in your life.  We don’t just pick up the poo either, but we also deodorize your lawn (with our environmentally safe formula) so it smells fresh and clean.  We leave treats behind for all of your pets, a detailed report card which documents the entirety of the work performed at our service call (including any potential warning signs found in your dogs stool) and the ability to provide stool samples (upon request) that can be submitted to a local vet for inspection.

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