18Jan 2019

Dog Poop Etiquette: How Do I Get My Dog To Stop Pooping Inside Of My House?

Dog Poop Etiquette: How Do I Get My Dog To Stop Pooping Inside Of My House?

We’ve all been there, so if you’re having issues with your dog using the bathroom inside of the house as opposed to outside, then don’t worry – it’s not going to last forever, we promise!  Sometimes all it takes is just a little bit of time and pointing in the right direction.  Other times, it just happens naturally with pawing at the door or barking.  However, in those rare circumstances where your dog has turned your living room into his personal potty space, then this article is for you.  Outlined below are several methods that can be used to help train your dog accordingly.

  The Confined Method

Keep your dog isolated to a specific area.  For example, if he has a dog cage.  Keep him in the cage and every two hours remove him from the cage and take him outside immediately.  Do this throughout the morning, afternoon and into the evening for a few days.  See if it makes a difference.

Reward:  Make sure you reward your dog each time that he uses the bathroom outside.  Heap praise on him, give him a treat, take him for a walk, play some fetch.  This helps to indoctrinate the fact that he’s doing the right thing by going outside.

Known Issues:  If he is using the bathroom inside of the cage, this isn’t good and this method is going to fail.  However, you must ensure that you are routinely taking him outside, if you don’t check on him obviously he’s going to go in the cage, this method requires specific attention.

The Tethered Method

Keep your dog on a short leash, usually no more than 6ft in length.  This means keeping him on the leash inside the house and wherever you go.  If you notice him starting to sniff around, especially in an area he has been known to go to the bathroom, immediately take him outside.  Repeat this process for 3-5 days.

Reward:  Rewards are highly important, make sure that you take him off the leash when you bring him in, play with him and give him a treat.  This instills upon the dog that going to the bathroom outside will remove him from the leash and result in a tasty reward!

Issues:  Not paying attention even when tethered will most likely result in your dog sniffing around and then going poop in the same place he always has (inside the home). 

The Timely Method

Make sure your dog has as many bathroom breaks as possible. Take him outside every 30 minutes, every hour on the hour.  If you have to leave at all call in a dog sitter or family member to fill in for the 30 minute routine if necessary.  This will ensure that your dog knows he is going to go outside to use the bathroom, because he will only have one place to do so – outside!

Reward:  Obviously a treat every 30 minutes isn’t realistic so be sure to reward your dog with as much play time and affection as possible and of course the occasional treat.  

Issues:  When you take your dog outside he may refuse to use the bathroom.  If you’ve noticed that he hasn’t gone #2 (especially) on the last few walks and has been sniffing around inside of the home be sure to keep him out extra long, don’t pull on his leash, let him walk and sniff around to his desire.  Sometimes anxiety can prevent dogs from using the bathroom in their surroundings outside of their comfort zones.

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