23Sep 2018

Columbia Station Pet Waste Removal – Dog Poop or Cat Poop! (Lorain County)

Columbia Station Dog Poop, Pet Waste, Removal of Poop

Calling all Columbia Station residents!  Are you interested in saving more of that precious time?  Do you have a huge work schedule and a family life to tend to?  Then we might be the service for you.  The Poo Pros specializes in pet waste management, but we also provide a unique service that allows you to free up much needed time.  Precious time that can be spent with family members and loved ones as opposed to the redundant methodical process of scooping and bagging your dog’s poop.

You might not realize it, but during the course of your life scooping poop will actually consume a considerable amount of time.  How much time do you ask?  Based on being a pet owner with 2 pets (dogs or cats) you will average 3,120 minutes per year of scooping poop.  That equates to 2.1 days per year and 23+ days per decade.  The average pet owner spends approximately 60-80 minutes per week scooping dog poop and cleaning out the litter boxes.  This is extremely valuable and much needed time, especially in today’s fast-paced environment.  If you are a lifelong pet owner, you can expect to spend almost 6 months of your life related to scooping poop and cleaning litter boxes out.

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