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19Nov 2018

Cleveland’s Pet Waste Management Solution for Senior Living Facilities, Animal Shelters & Veterinarians

Cleveland’s Pet Waste Management Solution for Senior Living Facilities, Animal Shelters & Veterinarians

Cleveland and Northeast Ohioans who own, reside or work at Senior Living Facilities, Animal Shelters & or Veterinarian Clinics have an opportunity to offset much of their hourly or salary employee’s duties (or even that of their visitors) with a more cost effective and routine service.   The Poo Pros provides Northeast Ohio residents & business owners with the opportunity to save money & much needed time to focus on other tasks.  Our service is provided year round and we offer all-inclusive services.

Some of the companies and different businesses that we cater to are Senior Living Facilities, Animal Shelters & Veterinarian Clinics.    Senior Living Facilities, as an example, tend to have many four legged guests on the premises.  Dogs are often found accompanying family members or friends when they come to visit a loved one.  In some cases, the facility itself will orchestrate having animals brought in to cheer up the residents.  More often than not, this results in excess waste being discarded and left scattered throughout the grounds.

Whose Responsible?  As of this writing, most Senior Living facilities have little to no operational procedures for the cleanup or pickup of pet waste.  In some cases, residents, visitors and even staff are found traipsing the waste across the facility which causes a mess.  Those responsible for picking up the waste are most often the visitors themselves, residential nurses, supervisors and even on-site maintenance crew.  4

We would like to be responsible for the pet waste removal and haul away at your Senior Living facility.  If you are a resident or the operator of a Nursing Home or Retirement Center in the area, please give us a call today at 216-208-POOP.

Animal Shelters such as the Animal Protective League have upwards of 100 cats, dogs and other animals at any given time.  With some of the largest shelters being home to even more than that.  With the vast numbers also comes an extremely tiresome and never ending process of scooping & hauling away.   Animal Shelters are extremely busy and are non-profit organizations in most cases.  Which means, there’s only so much time and money to go around.  Pet waste is in many cases left in the hands of individuals who contribute their time or are there as part of community service initiatives – which means there’s room for a lot of potential inconsistency.  The Poo Pros provides comprehensive and cost effective rates for all Animal Shelters in Northeast Ohio.  Get a free quote now.

Veterinarian’s have their hands full saving the lives of our beloved pets and maintaining routine health checkups.  With all of the animals that come to’ and fro’ there is also a never ending revolving door of potential accidents, overnight stays and a bombardment of sorts of, yea, well you guessed it… Poop!  We would like to help our local veterinarians by extending a courtesy 50% off discount during this month (November 2018) to try our service.  Get a free quote online or give us a call at 216-208-POOP.


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