1Jan 2019

Canton Dog Poop & Pet Waste Removal (Stark County, Ohio)

Canton Dog Poop & Pet Waste Removal

Are you a resident of Canton or do you live in Stark County?  Then The Poo Pros has amazing news for you!  You can get a free quote online today for our pet waste management services.  We offer amazing features to all of our clients and at a cost that won’t break the bank.  We don’t just scoop the poop, but we also leave behind treats for your pets, provide kitty litter service (with fresh liners), spray lawn deodorizing formula that leaves your yard smelling fresh and provide you with a report card that documents each and every detail of the services performed.  Most importantly, we can provide you with stool samples (upon request) that can be utilized for analysis with your local veterinarian.  In some cases, we will also advise our clients on any potential issues that we have detected in your pets stool (such as mucus, blood or other commonly known discolorations that may indicate an infection).

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Pet waste is one of those things that never goes away and just keeps on coming.  Why not let The Poo Pros do the hard work while you relax?  Leave the piles of poo to us!  Whenever you have your next get together, your yard won’t just be free of dog poop, but we’ll leave your yard smelling fresh and clean (with our environmentally safe formula).  Whether it be winter, spring, summer or fall – The Poo Pros is here to help you clean it all!

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