25Sep 2018

Amherst Dog Poop Removal & Pet Waste Management (Lorain County)

Amherst Dog Poop Removal & Pet Waste Management

The Poo Pros provides poop removal and pet waste management services to Amherst and all of Lorain County.  Do you have a dog, a cat or a hoard of geese that continue to use your property as a dumping ground?  Are you tired of picking up the lawn or cleaning out the litter boxes day on end?  Would you like to finally be free of all the excessive poop scooping and pet waste?  Now’s your chance.

Amherst & Lorain County residents are known for their love of animals, specifically dogs & cats.  The city of Amherst also has upwards of a dozen ponds and small lakes – and with all the large bodies of water typically introduces flocks of geese.  In any case, being a pet owner and having the opportunity to own or visit a pond or lake nearby only means that there’s going to be lots of pet waste or goose poop in the equation.  There’s nothing worse than going to the local pond and stepping on a plethora of poop on the way to the dock, or inviting friends and family over for a  gathering and having a mine field left behind in the yard by mans best friend.  This is where The Poo Pros can become a vital service in your life.

The Poo Pros takes pride in being able to help serve Northeast Ohio residents in a relatively new and beneficial manner.  One that can help save off countless hours of your life, precious time that can be used to spend with your children, loved ones, taking care of other important matters or just simply being able to relax.  Our service technicians are highly trained, professional and will arrive to your home and property in a timely manner.   Our pet waste removal and haul away service is designed to be non-intrusive into your life, we will enter your backyard or premise at the scheduled time and remove any and all debris that is contained on your property.  Once we’ve finished you will be provided with a detailed report card of our entire service that was performed and your pet (dog or cat) will be left with a treat.  Unfortunately for the geese, we tend not to feed them as that’s a bit detrimental to the cause.

So, if you are an Amherst resident and one of the many owners of a dog or cat, let today be your last day that you have to take the unnecessary time to scoop the poop.

If you would like to inquire into our services or get to know more about our company, please take the time to read our About Us page.

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