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2Dec 2018

5 Ways to Safeguard Your Christmas Tree From Your Dogs & Cats

There’s nothing more disappointing than arriving to your home to find your Christmas tree (that you probably just got done putting up only a few hours beforehand) lying on the ground with all the ornaments, lights and garland flung aside.  Safeguarding a Christmas tree can sometimes be a pain, especially if we don’t think we have to in the first place.  We always asses our dogs & cats immediately after the tree has gone up to see how far they are willing to go. Literally, some will go all the way to the top and others might just bat at the balls at the bottom. Dog’s might pick up on the scent and decide that it’s a new place that they can mark their territory (being a familiar outside smell that they are accustomed with). All in all, nothing can really prepare your Christmas tree for a full on assault other than simply putting some safeguards in place beforehand.

This article sheds light into some truly innovative ways that you can safeguard your Christmas tree this year while still being able to keep it on full display. Also, included within this article are some funny photographs that we found floating around the web that show some of the most extreme lengths that individuals have gone to protect their trees or to signify that they simply have lost the war and given up all hope on having one. We at The Poo Pros hope that you and your family have a Happy Holidays this year and that you find this article and all of our articles both entertaining and informational.

5 Ways to Safeguard Your Christmas Tree

1.)  Position your Christmas tree wisely –  Positioning your Christmas tree wisely can help you avoid an accidental or deliberate knockdown from your dog or cat.  This means that if you place your tree in a not so highly trafficked area or area that your pet doesn’t tend to frequent as often that you’re off to a really good start this Christmas.

2.)  Don’t go all the way down the tree – Keeping the garland and the lights from the very last limbs is a smart choice.  Cats and dogs that have anything at eye level that shines, glimmers or sways when you or they walk (or dash) past it are liable to think it’s a new toy or a potential threat.  By keeping the lights, garland and ornaments up just a little bit higher this year – you’ll save yourself the hassle of having to consistently replace them on the tree or potentially having to place the entire tree upright (for the umpteenth time).

3.)  Barricade the Christmas tree – Yes, this is sometimes the only alternative to keeping the dogs and cats away from the tree.  Unfortunately if you have a pet that just will not leave the tree alone no matter what you’ve done, then this is your best option.  Baby gates work wonderfully in this scenario and can be purchased from your local Walmart for as low as $10-20 for wooden gates.  You can also barricade your tree with household items for a temporary purpose and try removing them after a few days to see if your dog or cat has gotten accustomed to the new tall shiny glowing thing you’ve brought into the home again.

4.)  OFF Sprays – Some off sprays for cat’s can do the trick.  If you just have a feline in the house then you can try to get items such as SCRATCHOFF or the multitudes of others that are available for purchase.  These items may or may not do the trick but it is worth a try and wont compromise the aesthetics of your Christmas tree.

5.)  Old Fashioned Training – It is possible to teach your pet to leave the tree alone.  This will require you to be very attentive to the situation and to have dog and cat treats on hand.  You should also have a water bottle nearby (for cats) so whenever your cat gets close to the tree and then decides to touch it you can secretly spray them.  This will cause your cat to think that the tree gets them wet and therefore will stay away.  This has to be done in secret however because cats are smart enough to know that it is you doing it if they see you holding the bottle and spraying it at them.  So don’t announce yourself, simply spray them.  Regarding your dog, it’s best to use a stern voice, telling them “name – no” or “Name – off” or “name – bad name” followed by “name – sit” or “name – come” and if they abide to give them a reward, ie; treat.  This tactic is the overall best method but requires much needed time and energy to have success.

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