29Oct 2018

10 Ways To Really “Treat” Your Dog Or Cat This Halloween!

10 Ways To Really “Treat” Your Dog Or Cat This Halloween

Looking for a way to “treat” your dog or cat this coming Halloween?  The Poo Pros has put together 10 awesome ways that you can do so.  Whether it be via costumes, treats or events, this article will give you plenty of ideas for the upcoming holiday.

Our list is compiled in descending order with #10 being what we found as our least favorite, all the way to #1 which we found was the most rewarding and refreshing opportunity that could be had for both you, your pet and your family.

10.)  Playing outside

There’s nothing quite like the autumn leaves of fall and along with it the giant piles of leaves that accumulate in the yard.  Dog’s especially love being outside – so the next time he/she is outside try playing fetch and throwing the ball into one of those large piles of leaves.  Your dog will surely take a leap and disappear only to re-emerge and ready to repeat again.  If you don’t have a yard or access to leaf piles, there’s always the local park.   All you need to do is bring a rake with you to make it a little more interesting!


9.)  Go somewhere Spooky

There’s plenty of places in Northeast Ohio that have been proclaimed as being haunted.  Those most infamous at the Gore Orphanage in Vermillion and the Franklin Castle which allow visitors (although Gore Orphanage is technically classified as private property) to walk right onto the property and are both pet friendly.  There’s nothing scarier during the Halloween season than taking a stroll through dark and haunted grounds.  Be sure to checkout our Halloween Fun: Fun Events & Things To Do With Your Pet This Halloween (Northeast Ohio) for more fun and spooky places to visit this fall!

8.)  Special treats, snacks & toys!

There’s nothing better than treats on Halloween.  Consider baking your dog a cake or making special dog cookies (see this article for some great recipes:  https://barkpost.com/diy-dog-treats-halloween/).

Also, there are a TON of awesome Halloween themed toys that are on the market, just take a look at Amazon, Petsmart or Walmart for more ideas.

7.)  Make your dog part of a haunted house…

This is a unique idea and requires you being able to convert your dog into a monster of sorts with the appropriate costume.  IF you truly love Halloween and decorate both the inside of your home, having a monster roaming up and down the hallways really compliments the festivities.  Nothing is more enjoyable (an equally scary to the kids) than having your dog dressed up as a zombie or a giant walking spider!

6.)  Host a pet friendly Halloween party

Friends, family and pet oriented Halloween parties are always a blast!  Invite everyone’s four legged friends to accompany them to a hosted party this year, have them dress up in costumes and make things fun and interesting!  Some great party idea’s include having prizes, games & contests.

5.)  Go for a moonlight stroll

There’s nothing quite like a moonlight stroll through the Cleveland Metroparks or down by Lake Erie.  There’s so many places in Northeast Ohio that offer amazing views of the sunset and glimpses of the Halloween spirit with the autumn leaves.  If you’re looking for something to do, sometimes keeping it simple is the easiest thing to do.

4.)  Participate in local events

There’s a ton of things to do this fall and Halloween season in Northeast Ohio.  We have cataloged a list of all events in a separate article which can be found here: Halloween Fun: Fun Events & Things To Do With Your Pet This October & November (Northeast Ohio) 

One of the best things that we found that are featured in our list is hayrides, mazes & pumpkin patches that are dog friendly!

The list we have accumulated is for October and November, so you’ll have great ideas for the upcoming month as well!


3.)  Let them pass out candy

If you’re dog (or cat) is people friendly then let them get involved with passing out candy during Halloween.  Your dog will be going crazy with all of the traffic coming to and from the front door or open garage, so not only will this help calm their nerves by letting them be directly involved, but it was also be an exciting new experience for them.  You can even put a spin on the “trick or treat” aspect and ask would be Halloween trick or treaters if they would like to see your dog perform a trick (provided that Sparky can sit, roll, bark, paw, etc).  The possibilities are endless!

2.)  Take them “Trick or Treating”

One of the best things for your pet to get involved in on Halloween is simply going trick or treating with you and the kids.  Not only is this a great way for them to get some exercise, but the kids will also love having their beloved pet tag along with them!

This year, why not consider taking them with you?  This leads right into our #1 ways to really “treat” your dog or cat this Halloween…

1.)  Dress them in a costume & participate in contests

There’s nothing more fun than celebrating Halloween to the maximum.  If you haven’t considered doing this, then maybe you should give it a try this year!  One of the best things to do on Halloween by far is to dress up your pet in a costume.  Not only will the kids love it, but your dog especially will love all of the extra attention.  It’s really great for emotional health to involve our pets in the things we do daily.  Plus The Poo Pros is running a $50 costume contest (and we’re certain that we’re not the only ones) that you can participate in until 12am on Nov. 1st.  If you would like to signup for our Halloween costume party you can do so here:  2018 Halloween Dog Costume Contest: Winner Receives a $50 Gift Card

Read our other Halloween related articles here:  The Scoop on Poop

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