25Oct 2018

10 Dogs That Shattered All The World Records (Guinness Dog Records)

These 10 Dogs Shattered All The World Records (Guinness Dog Records)

The dogs featured on this top 10 list absolutely shattered all of the world records (according to guinness).  Records you will soon discover cover the following: Most jump rope skips in 60 seconds, the longest dog eyelashes, the fastest dog balloon popper, the longest dog tail, the most tennis balls at once, the fastest dog with a two-legged walker, the longest object swallowed by a dog, the fastest 60 pole weave by a dog, and the most expensive dog of all time!

These dogs that have claimed their Guinness World Record come from all over the world.  Each record is accompanied with an official video (or photograph) of the dog that holds the world record as well as some brief information and a direct link to the official Guinness World Record pertaining to that dog.

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Brandy: Longest Dog Tongue

Brandy’s record breaking 17″ tongue has ruled the books since 2002! (Guinness)

Geronimo: Most Dog Jump Rope Skips in 60 Seconds

Geronimo, a border collie mix, will legit blow your mind with her amazing double dutch skills. (Guinness)

Ranmaru: Longest Dog Eyelashes

ranmaru worlds longest eyelash

Ranmaru, a Japanese labradoodle has 5.9″ long eyelashes. He beat the previous record holder by a half inch.(Guinness)

Anastasia: Fastest Dog Balloon Popper

Anastasia, a Jack Russell terrier, is the world record holder for popping 100 balloons in 44.5 seconds. (Guinness)

Finnegan: Longest Dog Tail

finnegan worlds longest tail
Finnegan, a Canadian Irish wolfhound, holds the world record for longest tail at an impressive 28.5 inches. (Guinness)

Augie: Most Tennis Balls at Once

augie world record tennis balls
Augie, a golden retriever, holds a record for holding 5 tennis balls in his mouth simultaneously. (Guinness)

Jiff: Fastest Canine Two-Legged Walker

Jiff, a pomeranian, holds the current record both for walking on his hind legs and for walking on his front. (Guinness)

Kyle: Longest Object Swallowed by a Dog

longest object swallowed by a dog world record

Kyle,a British mixed breed dog, holds the world’s record for swallowing the longest object—an 18 inch bread knife! Lucky for Kyle, his family rushed him to the animal hospital for emergency surgery, saving his life. (Guinness)

Zinzan: Fastest 60 Pole Weave by a Dog

Zinzan, a British German shepherd, set the record for weaving 60 poles in just over 12 seconds. His record has stood since 2006. (Guinness)

Big Splash: Most Expensive Dog

Big Splash, a Chinese Tibetan mastiff, sold for the record breaking price of $1.5 million dollars. (Guinness)

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